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Care Management Services

It is the goal of Northwest Senior Management Services to provide excellent service in the management of the health and care needs of elders and disabled adults. Close attention to detail and good communication with families and guardians allow us to partner with you to set up ongoing individualized care services appropriate for the client in need.
The following outlines a typical care management routine:
  • A home visit or conference in our office helps us to become acquainted and make an initial needs assessment. More than one visit may be required to complete the information gathering process. Contracts and consents are signed at this time.
  • NSMS continues to assemble pertinent information regarding the needs of the client through discussions with family, health care professionals, community members and the client themselves.
  • A plan of care which identifies problems and gives suggested solutions and resources is designed specifically for the client. This is a working document and will be revised as problems are solved and new ones arise. Your participation is central to this process, both initially and in an on-going fashion.
  • Once the care plan is in place, NSMS will work with hospitals, doctors and othe providers, social service agencies, and anyone else involved with the care of the client. We are available for family conferences, home visits and phone calls at any time to ensure that the client is receiving the most benefit from the care plan. The amount of contact depends upon the need of the client and their health status.
  • If the client is moved into new living quarters or a long-term care facility, NSMS will visit the new surroundings and provide family/guardian with a verbal report on the client's status and needs.
  • NSMS will review the care plan on a quarterly basis, or as needed, to make any needed adjustments to best benefit the client.
  • In the event of an emergency, you may call NSMS 24 hours a day for help.
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